“We help you create great enterprises so you can achieve your business, financial and personal goals.”


Technology and a data to driving growthBy automating the kinds of things clients are used to seeing from their accountants, such as basic bookkeeping and reporting, we can focus our time on delivering the kinds of things you’re not used to seeing from your Accountant – business strategy (revenue, profit and cash growth making you more money), financial modelling and process improvement (giving you more time) . We call this from technology and data to driving growth



Our Vision

To be the go-to provider of choice of growing SMEs for their accounting, financial and technology advisory needs.

Our Values

  • Commitment and dedication to the success of our clients
  • To act with honesty and integrity in all our interactions with clients, the community and governmental or other regulatory bodies
  • Clarity in our communication
  • Independence and objectivity in producing reports and information
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm and a positive attitude at all times and to share the same entrepreneurial spirit that our clients
  • Challenge the old ways, look to be bold and innovative
  • Be passionate and positive in thought and action

Meet the Team

Andrew Coulson MBA FCA

CEO & Founder of Dolfinblue Advisory

Andrew Coulson on twitter  Andrew Coulson on LinkedIn 

Andrew is an internationally experienced Chartered Accountant working as a Controller, Finance Director and CFO. His experience in Europe and Asia has broadened his approach delivering practical solutions for his clients. Away from the office, he enjoys watching Rugby

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