Finance Director Advisory

Our Finance Director Advisory Services are designed to help support you in achieving your personal and corporate goals


We use a range of tools to review your Revenue, costs and profit to assist with achieving better growth and profit.


Integrating a number of the services below we can provide guidance on your strategies and support the decision making process using techniques such as SWOT, PEST and other strategic models

Measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with a 1-Page Plan

A One Page Plan describes all the key factors behind a business’s success and maps them out in a logical way that mirrors the causal links between goals, success drivers and eventual results.

Not only does this give you an early warning system by systematically measuring and monitoring everything that is really important in the business, but also acts as a catalyst for identifying the action that needs to be taken and as a mechanism for recording and monitoring your constantly updated action plan.

And it does all of this on a single A4 sheet of paper. So it is no surprise that it is often described as “the ultimate performance management tool”.

Board Meetings

It has been said that the key to success is to “sit down on a regular basis with a numerate outsider to focus on the things that really matter”.
So as numerate outsiders, we will sit down with you periodically for a meeting to help you focus on the things that really matter in your business.

Specifically, that means that together we will use your One Page Plan to:

  • Review the business’s performance
  • Understand what is working well and what isn’t
  • Identify issues and opportunities
  • Use all the evidence, insights and analysis to make better decisions, and
  • Update your action plan so the business keeps moving towards its goals

Annual Key Improvement Possibility Report

Every year we will carry out a diagnostic review of your business and personal affairs to identify additional strategies that could add a significant amount of money to your business and/or personal bank accounts.

We will present our findings and recommendations in a Key Improvement Possibilities report, so you will be able to refer back to, and take action on, our key advice whenever the time is right for you.

Annual Profit Improvement Planning Meeting

Once a year we will take a structured, systematic and strategic look at what else we can do to grow your business profitably.

To help us do this we have developed a mathematically precise profit modelling technique that allows us to analyse every single idea into one of six different “growth driver” categories.

That model allows us to do all of the following at our meeting:

  • Review every single growth driver to see which has the greatest profit improvement potential
  • Identify breakthrough growth profit improvement strategies
  • Evaluate their likely impact
  • Create an action plan for testing the best ideas

Creating a More Valuable Business with Systems

Written systems are the key to building a business which is more valuable and more saleable. Not only that, they enable the business to run on auto-pilot freeing up the business owners and giving you a better work-life balance

We have access to a Cloud-based System Builder software enabling you to keep all your systems in one place accessible by anybody in your team (subject to your preferred access rights), from anywhere and from any mobile device.

As part of your accounting solution you get completely free access to this software together with free training in how to use the software (note: some of our clients choose to engage us to help creating and writing systems … please talk to us if you would like us to help you fully systemise your business.

Systemisation Support

Our systems champion will work with you to systemise your business. We will help you to identify the key areas that would benefit from systemisation, create an action plan for you and your team to follow, and regularly review this action plan with you to ensure that systems are being written, reviewed and followed and that your whole company is benefitting from the systemisation process.

We suggest that you work with us in weekly sessions as we now that this regular input from us will ensure that things happen … but you can choose for how many weeks you want us to be involved.

Accounting Records Quality Report

We want to help you get the most out of your accounting systems. So, we will prepare a report setting out any weaknesses, the consequences and our suggestions on how to improve them.

Personal Balance Sheet

We will give you a deceptively simple, yet profoundly important Personal Balance Sheet spreadsheet that:

  • Provides a starting point for you and your family’s financial, wealth and retirement plans
  • Allows you to monitor your progress towards achieving those plans replacing guesswork with fact
  • Where necessary provides a wake up call about what needs to be done to make your plans achievable
  • Makes it easier to identify how much inheritance tax you might eventually be liable for, and how you can reduce or eliminate it
  • Also makes it easier for your family/executor/attorney to identify and deal with your estate should you either die or become incapacitated – greatly reducing the stress you cause your family at such an exceptionally difficult time.

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