Keeping you compliant

Your accounts, tax and payroll are prepared by Chartered Accountants giving you the peace of mind necessary focus on growth rather than compliance.

  • Your company accounts: we use technology to ensure your accounts are prepared accurately and completely.
  • Your company tax: we file your tax returns use our expertise to find legally compliant ways to minimise your payments.
  • Your tax: we explore various remuneration strategies to ensure you only pay income tax when you have to.
  • Your payroll: we can process your payroll and file your payroll tax forms as well as helping you comply with the auto enrolment pension regulations
  • Your bookkeeping: we can work with you to provide book-keeping support to your team or alternatively if you don’t want the burden, we can take of it all for you.
  • Your company secretarial: we will ensure that all relevant are forms during the year such as your confirmation statement, dividend vouchers and meeting minutes.

Company Accounts

As part of this compliance service we will prepare your fully compliant statutory annual accounts. We will arrange a post year end review meeting with you to discuss any issues we notice when preparing your accounts.

As a limited company, you are required to prepare statutory accounts and submit these to Companies House annually. This is all included within your quote and you will have peace of mind knowing that this is all taken care of for you.

Where statutory formats are not obligatory (eg Partnership, Sole Trader we will prepare accounts based on best practice and suited to your business).

We offer a guaranteed time of completion of annual accounts post year end

Company Tax

It is a requirement in the UK to submit a business tax return annually with HMRC which we will prepare along with associated business tax computations. We’ll take care of everything that HMRC require and inform you of the tax payment required in plenty of time.

Your tax

Where you are a corporate client of the firm, we can also prepare your personal tax return for you.

Each UK taxpayer is required to submit a personal tax return annually (although for many this is a technicality not a submission) to HMRC. We’ll take care of everything that HMRC require and inform you of the tax payment required in plenty of time.

We will look at various remuneration strategies and devise a plan to minimise the tax you will have to pay.

Please scroll down to see our outsourced payroll and book-keeping solutions in detail

Outsourcing your transaction processing

For book-keeping, payroll and Company Secretarial matters you may have your own finance team already that can provide these to you. If however you would prefer this transactional work to be done by ourselves we can work with you and your team to deliver them.


Payroll these days can be a minefield and take up a lot of your time. We can take care of your payroll and ensure you comply with all statutory regulations and deadlines.

Using our payroll service we will:

  • process the monthly payroll based on your instructions
  • provide you with payroll reports, pay slips and tax documents as required
  • provide you with the information to pay staff and PAYE tax on time
  • File the payment summary (EPS/FPS) on time, every time.
  • Prepare P11D where required and advise you of the associated National Insurance due
  • Provide you with the tax payment details at least 15 days in advance of the due date
  • Paying team salaries, expenses and PAYE to make this vital process is carried out on time (optional – we usually recommend that you make these)

As an extension of our payroll services we are also able to offer additional provide you with an auto enrolment solution to keep you compliant by dealing with all of the paperwork required to operate an occupational pension scheme for your team.


We can provide additional support to your in-house team or you can fully outsource to us:

Our standard outsourced service comprises:

In order to ensure you have up-to-date lists of receivables and payables and up-to-date financial reporting we will maintain your Xero accounting system and on a regular basis (at least weekly):

  • Xero (Beautiful Accounting Software) – we will set you up on Xero
  • Xero charge a monthly subscription for using their software. Rather than paying a multiple invoices for Xero and accountancy, this allows you to consolidate everything into one monthly fee so you have just one payment coming out of your account each month.
  • Process your scanned payables invoices into Xero using Receiptbank using an unique email address. Invoice details are checked and allocated to the appropriate account.
  • Complete your bank reconciliation to ensure the cashbook is accurate

Raising and Sending Your Sales Invoices

Most clients raise their own sales invoices because they want to get them to their customers as soon as possible, but if that’s too much for you, then we can process them for you each month.

Running Your Credit Control

Some customers need more managing than another’s when it comes to settling your invoices. We’ll make sure they are chased up professionally and sensitively to get cash into your bank account whilst maintaining excellent relationships.

Making Supplier Payments and Reconciling Supplier Statements

Once your supplier invoices are in Xero, they need paying. Monthly we will reconcile supplier statements to Xero and produce a suggested payments list. Once approved we will then log in to your online banking to set up the payment, ready for your approval.

VAT Returns

VAT returns are required to be submitted to HMRC at least quarterly. With the start of Making Tax Digital (MTD) from April 2019 additional information is required to be filed, making the use of cloud based accounting systems highly beneficial.

Using our VAT Return service we will:

  • prepare and submit your quarterly VAT returns ongoing, meaning that you will be well aware of your VAT liabilities and keep the VAT-man happy!
  • create a recurring quarterly job in our job management system so we NEVER miss a deadline and begin work on the VAT return the day after the quarter end
  • carry out an audit of ALL transactions for the period – check that purchase VAT has been claimed on every transaction that it should have been and conversely that it hasn’t been claimed where it shouldn’t have been.
  • ensure that you are on the best scheme to maximise your cashflow – Cash or Accruals.
  • send you notification of the amount due within 3 weeks of the quarter end, giving you 2 weeks notice of the amount to be taken automatically via direct debit.
  • File the VAT return on time, every time.
  • Deal with any queries, enquiries or investigations from HMRC so you don’t have to get involved, allowing you to focus on running your business and avoiding further cost of bringing us into an investigation.

Company Secretarial Support

On an annual basis there are a number of legal forms that companies need to complete to keep within the law, such as dividend vouchers, meeting minutes and the confirmation statement. We can provide support to these services our you can outsource to us.

using our outsourced CoSec service we will

  • write up and maintain the statutory registers (e.g. Share, Directors, Persons of Significant Control)
  • prepare dividend vouchers and associated minutes
  • prepare the annual confirmation statement (previously called an annual return)
  • prepare other statutory forms as required e.g. appointment/resignation of directors, persons of significant control
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