Accounting for success & growth

Our purpose

“We help business owners create great enterprises so they can achieve their business, financial and personal goals.”

Imagine if you had more money – what would you purchase?

Imagine if you had more time with your family & friends

Imagine if you had more holidays

Imagine if you could sleep at night

Would you feel a whole lot better than today, with fewer sleepless nights?

We firmly believe in making life as easy as possible for you as business owners, partnering with you to achieve the goals you have set out. Our services are driven by your needs and being tech savvy, we use technology wherever it enhances the delivery of your goals.

The modern growing business has systems in the cloud with a requirement to capture and process data from multiple sources both financial and non-financial to drive decision making and operational efficiency. As your trusted advisor we help you at all times along your journey.

We have a strong sense of belief that all businesses can use technology and data effectively alongside robust accounting to drive growth and success. This is themed throughout our CFO Advisory model as follows:

Technology – capture and process cloud data, make it measurable

Accounting – Measure the data and keep everything compliant

Growth – using business intelligence, to provide insight and action

All of our packages include access to our team in business hours. We are a customer focused organisation and take pride in resolving your queries in a timely manner. We don’t charge in 6 minute time increments and all support requests are included based on our ‘fair play’ policy as we believe constant communications fosters longer term successful relationships.

Tailored Services and a fixed fee policy with “no surprises”

Start by choosing the package that best fits your needs. All packages are fixed fee and the cost can be spread monthly so that you can budget effectively and manage cashflow

Services have been split into the most common parts of a modern finance function:

Technology (deploying technologies that make processes more streamlined and automated)
Accounting (keeping the books up to date & in compliance with the law)
Business Intelligence (Management Reporting, Budgets, Forecasts etc)
Insight & Action (Strategic advice, Profit growth, Mentoring, Risk  Review & Governance)

  1. Fixed fee – agreed in advance for each project so you can budget effectively
  2. All fees are paid monthly by direct debit , helping you budget and your cashflow

This approach makes it easy for you to get better, smarter information much quicker and ensures that you avoid potential penalties and non-compliance issues whilst enabling smarter decision making.

Our Core Services Model

Unlimited free ad-hoc advice

We don’t believe that charging by the hour fosters a great long term relationship as more than likely it will make you wary of engaging with us on a regular basis. For your business to be successful and for us to remain relevant to you we need to engage on a regular basis to deliver the solutions and value you seek. Only if the discussion leads to a significant piece of work will we create an Extra Works Order with its own fixed fee arrangement.





Service Packages

All business are different and the range of services you need from your trusted advisor will vary based on your specific business needs, desires and goals. We have a simplified our packages in to 3 easy to select plans

Finance Management

Your basic essentials finance package that includes:

  • Monthly Management Reports with KPIs
  • Budget and Forecasts updates
  • Cashflow Forecast
  • Board Reports


This includes all of the service of Finance Management with the addition of the following:

  • Dashboards
  • Operational KPI reports
  • Monthly 2 hour management meeting
  • Attendance at board meetings (agendas set by our 1PagePlan review document)
  • Systems reviews
  • Risk review
  • Annual Strategy Session
  • Annual business plan, 12 months budget planning


This is our fully outsourced CFO and Accounting Solution

In addition to the CFO package we will also prepare

  • your annual statutory accounts and
  • your business tax return.


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