Accounting for success & growth

Our purpose

“We help business owners create great enterprises so they can achieve their business, financial and personal goals. We do this through turning numbers into solutions using analytics through our Accounting>Analysis>Advisory Chief Finance Officer model”

We are not a traditional Accountancy and Book-keeping practice, we do things differently. By being “on the pulse”, proactive and responsive to developing situations we provide advice when your business needs it, not just when you ask for it. With this philosophy in mind we believe we have a unique approach to assisting our customers with their success and our service packages are built around this:

  • Accounting – we ensure your underlying records are maintained properly and efficiently
  • Analysis – we take a look at what the information is saying and present the facts to you
  • Advisory – based on the analysis outputs , we then use our expertise to give you the advice you need to take the next steps

We have designed our services around a number of key value based criteria:

Tailored Services and a fixed fee policy with “no surprises”

Start by choosing the package that best fits your needs. All packages are fixed fee and the cost can be spread monthly so that you can budget effectively and manage cashflow

Services have been split into the most common parts of a modern finance function:

Accounting (keeping the books up to date & in compliance with the law)
Analysis (Management Reporting, Budgets, Forecasts etc)
Advisory (Strategic advice, Profit growth, Delivering Solutions)

  1. Fixed fee – agreed in advance for each project so you can budget effectively
  2. All fees are paid monthly by direct debit , helping you budget and your cashflow

This approach makes it easy for you to get better, smarter information much quicker and ensures that you avoid potential penalties and non-compliance issues whilst enabling smarter decision making.

Unlimited free ad-hoc advice

We don’t believe that charging by the hour fosters a great long term relationship as more than likely it will make you wary of engaging with us on a regular basis. For your business to be successful and for us to remain relevant to you we need to engage on a regular basis to deliver the solutions and value you seek. Only if the discussion leads to a significant piece of work will we create an Extra Works Order with its own fixed fee arrangement.




Service Packages

All business are different and the range of services you need from your trusted advisor will vary based on your specific business needs, desires and goals. We have summarised these below into 5 different packages to give you some idea of what can be tailored for you. We have a great range of services that will help you grow your business, many of which are listed below the table


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