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Obtain finance to sustain your business and support your vision

Use our expertise to help you secure funding you require to maintain cash flow and realise your vision for the future.

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The benefits we deliver

We can support you in all stages of the funding process and position your company in the best possible light for securing finance. Whether you’re looking to grow or simply manage your cash flow better, we’ve made it simple and straightforward to apply and access the right funding for your business.

  • Get your numbers right – we’ll help you understand your numbers as well as what the future looks like so we can establish how much finance you need to realise your vision.
  • Get accepted – your application is supported by a financial plan, accounts and forecasts that we carefully develop to be attractive to lenders so we maximise your chances of success.
  • Choose wisely – through Capitalise, we have access to hundreds of lenders offering a wide range of finance options which allows us to find the right funding for your business.
  • Quick & Straightforward – we know that time is money. Rather than filling out endless application forms, our approach means a single application is sent to multiple lenders; keeping things straightforward and fast.

  • Industry specialists – our unbiased advice will not only help deliver the funds you need but match you with lenders with a proven track record of success within your sector.

How We Help Your Business Succeed

Rather than just a form filling process, we view financing differently. As your Chartered Accountant, we support you through the entire journey of from raising funds through to ensuring your new finance enables profitable growth post funding.

1. Analyse

We will help you understand where financing could help you grow and manage your cash flow more effectively.

2. Evaluate

We’ll help you find the right type and level of funding for your specific circumstances.

3. Monitor

Post funding, we’ll help you ensure you stay on track by monitoring your cash flow and providing intelligent analysis of your performance.

An extensive range of finance options

Take a look below at some of the most popular finance solutions we can help you obtain:

Asset Finance

Preserve your working capital whilst getting access to the tools, equipment and machinery your business needs with asset finance. Avoid hefty upfront costs by either spreading the payments out over a convenient number of months or years, or simply lease the required assets for as long as you need them.

Merchant Cash Advance

If your business takes regular payments through a card reader or EPOS terminal then you may well be eligible for a merchant cash advance. A lump sum is sent directly to your business bank account with a small percentage of the total amount borrowed repaid each time you take a credit or debit card payment.

Working Capital Finance

Need additional capital to support the day to day running costs of your business? Working capital finance is a multi-purpose business loan which can help you to keep on top of everything from staff wages and stock purchase to utility bills and premises rental.

Invoice Finance

Avoid the restrictive inconvenience of waiting for raised invoices to be paid by advancing a percentage of them immediately with invoice finance. Rather than borrowing against your business, you’ll be able to source funds from work that’s already been completed as well as having the option to outsource your sales ledger management processes.

Trade Finance

Obtaining enough capital to support the purchase and production of new stock can often be the major stumbling block that holds SMEs back from quicker expansion. Trade finance can help to fund the supply chain from start to finish by purchasing stock from suppliers on your behalf with loans secured against new purchase orders.

Property Finance

Whether a property developer, investor, or simply wish to purchase a business premises, these types of purchases are typically leveraged. Through Capitalise, you’ll have access to rapid bridging loans, development and commercial finance to help ensure that profitable opportunities don’t fall by the wayside.

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