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Our mission is to make sense of the noise by delivering the advice and guidance that enables business owners to build great enterprises and live great lives. By helping you make more money and gain more time, we help you not only change your own life but those you can impact upon too.

We live in a fast changing world which means businesses need proactive Accountants now more than ever before; someone who can provide insight and timely advice on the past, present and future.

At Dolfinblue we embrace the change; automating the kinds of things clients are used to seeing from their accountants, like basic bookkeeping and reporting, so we can focus our time instead on delivering the kinds of things they’re not used to seeing like improving profitability, supporting business growth and helping clients be more efficient.

A New Breed Of Chartered Accountants
Your Finance & Technology Business Partner

Dedicate our time and effort to helping clients achieve their goals, treating them respectfully, fairly and transparently.

Treat others in our team with respect, fairness and in the manner you would expect them to treat you.

Provide clarity and jargon-free communications as much as possible.

Share our enthusiasm, positive attitude and entrepreneurial spirit with our clients and partners.

Work with honesty and integrity in all of our communications with employees, stakeholders, clients and the regulatory authorities.

Our Team

Andrew Coulson MBA FCA

CEO & Founder of Dolfinblue Advisory

Andrew is an internationally experienced Chartered Accountant having worked as a CFO, Finance Director and Controller, currently acting a a virtual CFO for a portfolio of our clients.

His experience in Europe and Asia has broadened his approach to delivering practical solutions for his clients.

Away from the office, he enjoys watching rugby and loves tech and travelling

Matthew Tucker, ACA, Bsc

Client Relationships Manager

Matthew is a qualified Chartered Accountant in his ninth year working in the industry. Over the years, his clients have ranged from multinationals to start ups and SMEs which has allowed him to develop a deep understanding of how businesses operate and develop at different stages of growth.

At Dolfinblue, Matthew proactively works closely with a portfolio of startups and SME clients; helping them accomplish their goals and stay compliant.

In his spare time, he enjoys DJing, travelling and chasing after his 3 year old nephew.

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