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Business Performance

You’ve established your business and have something great to offer; now you need meaningful advice and clarity over your numbers to make your business better performing and progress towards your goals.

The benefits we deliver

Are you ready to make your business more profitable and drive further growth? Whether you’re a startup or larger business, we identify ways to grow your profits and cash flow whilst saving you time and stress along the way.


Whatever your growth goals are, we will work with you to precisely plan how they can be achieved and provide actionable advice as you work towards them.


We spot profit opportunities and advise what levers you can pull to increase profit and make more money.


We keep your business healthy with real-time cash flow monitoring, forecasting and help raising finance.





We believe developing a business should be exhilarating but often, it can be an overwhelming experience. With our growth support, we’ll give you clarity over your business numbers and performance. We’ll help you understand: where your business is now, where you’d like to get to and using data and modelling, the best way to get there.

As you progress, we’ll hold regular action meetings where we’ll deliver clear performance reports to show you the progress against the plan and agree future actions that will ensure goals are accomplished.





Our support and intelligent analysis of your business performance is tailored around your business and the insights you need to become more profitable.

Through decades of experience, we know the challenges businesses face when it comes to profitability, and crucially how to overcome them. We know what levers you can pull to generate more profit and highlight these to you in our performance reports and one on one action meetings. This personal approach ensures you get only the insights that really matter to your business allowing you to make more proifitable decisions.





Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business and the number one concern for business owners. By becoming your Chartered Accountants, we save you time and stress by helping you understand where your business is heading putting control back in your hands.

Your finance partner will use intuitive apps that help us spot future cash issues before they turn into problems. These apps link directly to your accounting software so you have a real time view of future cash flow; helping you make decisions with confidence.

When you need to grow and scale, we help assess your finance options and work with you to secure the extra cash you need.

How We Help Your Business Succeed

1. Set Goals and Targets

We plan your future success and set out how it can be achieved.

2. Measure Performance

We measure your key business metrics that are critical to your success.

4. Action

Agree what actions to take to drive profit, growth and cash going forward.

3. Analysis, insight and advice

Detailed reporting and insight of your past and future performance providing powerful input for better decision making.

3. Analysis, insight and advice

Detailed reporting and insight of your past and future performance providing powerful input for better decision making.

4. Action

Agree what actions to take to drive profit, growth and cash going forward.


Core service packages to help your business grow & thrive 


Our finance functions take care of your accounting and tax needs and also include performance dashboards, business apps to save you time and a finance partner on hand to support you in reaching your goals.

But we believe real value is delivered by tailoring our solutions to meet your needs. We will always take care of your numbers but between us we will work out exactly what support you can benefit most from.

Get in touch and fill in a few details so we can design a tailored solution as unique as your business is.


Your own virtual Chief Finance Officer (CFO) who manages your finance needs, delivers analysis, insight and advice and builds strategies for sustainable growth and prosperity.

DB Live

Real time accounting support along with analysis and performance insights you require for growth and fast progression towards your goals.

DB Compliance

Stress free management of your statutory accounts and tax requirements by Chartered Accountants.

DB Technology

Advice and setup of applications for efficient operations, faster growth and real time performance insights.

Additional Services


  • Cloud bookkeeping and payroll
  • R&D Tax credits
  • Business valuation
  • Raising finance
  • Turnaround support for distressed businesses
  • New business setup and incorporation
  • System and process improvement
  • VAT compliance
  • Payroll and PAYE
  • Company secretarial

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