From technology & data to driving growth

The Modern business operates in the cloud and captures loads of data both financial and non-financial. This data is the processed into other systems and the accounting system where it is measured and analysed. We call this the process of going from technology & data to driving growth.

We advise on systems that provide exactly what business owners are looking for:

  • Streamlined: free up your time so you can connect more with your clients, drive growth in your business and have a better work life balance.
  • Profitability: make better decisions and improve profitability with anytime, anywhere access to key business and financial information.
  • Stay productive: work from any device, from anywhere just like you were in the office with remote access.
  • Stay in the loop: communicate better with your team and organise everything in one place. See exactly what needs to be done, when and by who.
  • Explore all the benefits



Finding the right apps and systems for your business is a discovery process. We find out exactly what our clients are trying to achieve and how we can help. 

Technology Services

Apps Advisory: We can assist in the selection of appropriate solutions especially in the cloud accounting arena and process streamlining.

We are certified advisors to a number of well known accounting apps, you can check out some of what they do by clicking on the images below.


Accountants in Birmingham Xero Certified Advisor  Accountants in Birmingham receipt-bank certified partner  accountants in Birmingham hubdoc partner


Implementation & Training: We provide implementation and training on cloud based systems, streamlining business processes and freeing up your time for more valuable purposes. We can help build you a system that is efficient, highly automated and provides you with the essential information you need to grow your business.


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